Spring, finally!

April 19, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Hello, all!  It seems that we have entered a new season already this year, and although the sun hasn't been out daily, there is an energy in the air that is unmistakably change, growth, and new beginnings.  Every corner turned is a new opportunity to capture images of every and anything.  One of my instructors always told us to always, ALWAYS carry your camera with you.  I have to admit, when I don't feel like gearing up and going for a walk, I am usually sorry within the first 10 minutes...cell phone images are not acceptable to convey what my mind's eye sees.  So, to that instructor, you are right.  

Many exciting things have been happening this Spring.  I retired my old camera and upgraded to a 7D, and am have exchanged my 28-105mm lens with a 28-135mm lens;  it's been a great transition, and I'm really enjoying working with both.  The new lens is more stocky and rugged and along with the new camera, the images are outstanding.  I've been photographing a great deal for the company I work for and haven't had as much 'play-time' with the camera as I'd like, but I do get the chance occasionally.

The first chance I had was for a friend that needed some images of the costume work she does.  She is a Burlesque Dancer and artist, and she's managed to combine the worlds by applying for an artist's residency of the work she does at a local gallery.  It was my pleasure to capture images for her and an honor to be able to see these works privately.  From headpieces with horns, to hand-sewn and beaded bustiers, to flowing skirt-pants, she excels at what she does!  I was even able to photograph some of her personal canvases and artwork.  What a pleasure!

Next, I was fortunate enough to photograph one of the most darling toddlers in the world.  Little Miss Asami is 1 year old, and just a joy to be around.  I love the chaos of a baby/toddler session, because there are usually at least 2 adults doing the most ridiculous things behind the camera, all for that split-second of a smile.   This is why I love what I do...it's the human connection that is most important, and I get that every day doing this.

If you haven't seen, take a look at the images I did of Art Carnival at the beginning of this month.  I was only able to stay for the first act, which was not my preference, but I had to be up so early the next day.  I had a great time, as usual.  I can't wait what until Horror-O-Rama on May 8, which is next for Rockabilly Girl, Productions.

I've also been given new opportunities at work.  So that, along with busy season starting has really kept me busy.  I am hoping to meet expectations in my new responsibilities, and above all, LEARN.  I am fortunate, as I've said many times.  There are new projects on the horizon for Angela Wangrud Photography, too.  I can only say that I love Zentangle so much that I'm going to attempt to combine it with photography.  I also am still researching body painters, and hope to put something together soon.  In addition, I have a friend who is undergoing gastric-bypass surgery, and I am going to attempt to capture that journey for her while supporting her.  Clients, too!  I didn't forget you!

My health has been up-and-down, as I've been struggling with the same seasonal ailments as many of you.  Just trying to stay healthy and focused.  These things pass and life keeps moving, and I am thankful to be a photographer in it.  



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