Milwaukee, in a new season

May 26, 2015  •  1 Comment

Hello all!  It seems that with warmer weather comes the desire to wander, and to smell the air, feel the breeze, enjoy some sun.  Well, depending on the hour of any given day, that might be possible.  One minute it's sunny, the next it's least there is no snow on the ground and we can entertain the idea of sandals.  One of my recent assignments took me to a camp where a local 5th grade class was enjoying an overnight stay with all sorts of adventures for me to was only 40 degrees, but around here, that is acceptable outdoor weather.  Besides, the kids didn't mind, and I must be turning, 'Mid-Western', but I didn't mind either.  To photograph children outdoors, with joy in their hearts was just a privilege.  I requested the assignment again next year.  

It has been that very special time of year when proms, graduations, and communions, and spring sports all converge for the perfect storm of Spring Season! That wonderful time filled with long drives, heavy equipment, not knowing what town you're in, dealing with however you smell on the 3rd job of the day, and realizing that Sonic isn't always a good idea (even if they are all wearing light-up rollerskates).  I realize that I am ill-equipped to have a '9-5' job.  I love what I do.  I love knowing that I have captured someone's moment at graduation, and they will remember that image forever without even knowing I captured it;  I am lucky to relive my first communion photographing these little ones dressed so carefully taking theirs;  I get to see great plays because they need a photographer;  I'm part of lasting memories of prom kings and queens from here to Southern Illinois.  I will not complain about working this much.  I am thankful.  Doing what I love and getting paid for it is a blessing.  And the bonus is that I learn new things every day.  

Angela Wangrud Photography has other projects happening as well.  At the beginning of the month, the anticipated annual Horror-O-Rama at the historic Best Place at the Pabst Brewery went down.  It was a rousing success once again for Rockabilly Girl Productions!  Alice Wilson and Derek Stuart really gave Milwaukee something special this year, and we are fortunate artists like this continue to keep Milwaukee weird and interesting.

I will be traveling to Texas with my new 7D in a few weeks.  My goal has been to make my beloved father a wonderful photobook of my visits and the memories we make.  My family is healing after so much negativity, and I am looking to continue to create better photographs to include in my book for the one man in my life (besides Stewart) who has been a constant.  One of my teachers always emphasized the need to always have a camera.  Sometimes, as we become complex with the trappings of photography, we don't want to carry all that stuff...but I will take off my grip, use 1 or 2 lenses, and that's it.  I was taught enough to do it simply, and beautifully.  

Enjoy the weather, friends!


I can tell you are in a good place right now. As Christians we say it is your season..What I also like is that you seem to be taking advantage of your current status in this life and running with it. I see the smile in your text and hear it in my heart. Proud of you and love you more than milwaukeans love Pabst. :)
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